Hi. Welcome to my first blog.                                                                                                              I was at the Global Leadership Summit in Vancouver last week. An impressive line up of speakers. You can check it out here http://www.globalleadershipnetwork.ca/summit . I took some key takeways/quotes that will either make you think, motivate you or just let you reflect on possible ways of self-improvement. (I’m sure some of them are no brainers to you however, for some of you it maybe a first and or a source of inspiration.) To make it simple, quick and easy to read I won’t list the speakers, just bullet points, and for each one speaker I’ll list points each day until finished. There were 16 speaking sessions, so there will be 16 separate blogs. Some are shorter than others. Happy Reading!

Speaker #1,

Everyone wins when a leader gets better. Leaders and everyone can learn from everyone if they want to. Leaders always think better costs more, but not so.                   We assume investing more brings a better return but often brings diminishing returns.  GETMO. Good Enough to Move On. Look for greatest level of return based on time, money, resources invested.                                                                                                  Perfection is often the enemy of progress. Pursuit of excellence will motivate you, pursuit of perfection will demotivate you.                                                                                              BTC, Bend The Curve. Leaders bend the curve. How do they? They think inside the box as constraints drive creativity. Constraints eliminate options. Allow constraints to drive you. Constraints lead to breakthroughs. Ideas are there inside the box.                                Embrace your limitations. Eliminate options to turn back. Use what you have and bend the curve. If you commit to the what and why you will figure out the how.                            Step out of your doubts and fears and step into your calling. We have everything we need to do everything we are called to do.                                                                                        Think inside the box, no excuses and use what you have.

We can apply this message to many areas of life and not just work. It applies in home life, work life and even in mental health.

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