Speaker #2 Differences in us by Dominic

We all struggle with our differences and we all struggle with what our destiny may be. But believe it or not we all have our own recipe for our own success and there is no need to copy someone else. We exchange what makes us different for what makes us common with others and we need to resist that temptation.

Differences are powerful: What brings us to our own success is the differences we have. We need to know that our difference is the way things are not the same. Difference can be painful but the more we own our difference the more you will reach your own destiny. We can be afraid to own our own difference though and it can make us feel bad.

Time to list out. What makes me different? What makes me unique? Why do I think differently? Don’t be afraid of discomfort. If no discipline in owning and acting out your difference then you cannot reach your destiny.

How to own your difference. 1. Admit you are different. 2. Do not confuse someone else difference with our own. 3. Hang out with those who encourage their difference. 4. Spread your difference positively and refreshingly, you are different and just maybe others want to see that.

Your difference will make a difference! Your destiny is a process and not a destination. Commit to it.

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