Help reduce your daily anxiety by Dominic

Why not turn off your push notifications on your devices? And schedule a time to read your apps, social media, email and web browsing down to one to maximum three times a day. It really helps you in many ways. It will reduce that anticipation of what’s that message, email, posts ETC. It will give you more time to focus on what you are doing, as we are not good at multi-tasking, and by allowing this to interrupt us we are becoming unnecessarily distracted. By allowing distractions we can easily say its an external trigger however, it is really an internal trigger that we can be in more control of and give less power to the distractions coming in at us every minute of the day…..if we allow it!

Click on this link with five ways to distraction-proof your mind.

I’m practicing this now where I have all my push notifications off and find I have more talking interaction then before. I’m moving away from too much checking of apps, social media, messages, weichat, what’s app and so on just by turning my push notifications off and scheduling time to check what I need to check. I used to read news five to eight times per day, now I am down to two or maximum three. The true test if something is working is asking other people have they seen a change in you. And yes those around me say I am more relaxed than before and they ask me what’s changed and what’s happened. I turned off my push notifications. Simple! You could start with days offs and social and family time. Have a go! Good Luck!

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